Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taking a break. . . . .

Isn't he handsome!

Well . . .we finally took a break from packing and the stress of moving today. . . and just went apple picking. Not the best day for apple picking, but it was a wonderful and much needed break.

We went to Douglas apple orchard in addison, picked some mac's, ate cider doughnuts, and took a wagon ride around the orchard.

We also had time to get some shots of the sweater I finished for Joel . . .um . . .last month before moving took over all my free time. The sweater is the cobblestone sweater from interweave knits by Jared Flood. A great mindless project.

It is knit in Queensland Kathmandu DK which is close to Jo Sharp silk road tweed but less expensive.

On the house front, we are about a week away from phyically moving in!!! Yippee!! Thank goodness too. . we can barely see the tv around all the boxes and we just might lose the dog soon!

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