Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crafting into February

Wow . . .was it me or did January just fly by?  I just can't believe it.  We had our tax kick off yesterday and I counted the days. . .74 left until the end of tax season.  Seems like a lot but when you in the mounting piles of work . .it goes by way way too quickly!  

I have been running a lot these days to release the stress and give myself an hour to clear my head.  Training for CBHM (Covered Bridge Half Marathon) again this year.  I really enjoyed it last year.  Its no terribly hard (well it is still 13.1 miles) but challenging and the course is just beautiful.  Compared to the Maple Leaf Half in Manchester I think the difficulty is lower.  Manchester has some enormous hills and the one in the Maple Leaf feels like it will NEVER end.  I am still planning on running that one again this year too.  That hill has not seen the last of me!  I made it up last year without stopping but it killed my steam on the last leg of the race so this year I am training harder and will practice that hill a few more times before the race.  I will succeed!  

I am shooting for a third this year as well.  My third will be the CHAD half in NH.  I had planned on running it last year but the Maple Leaf took my knee out for a few weeks.  Right during my perfect fall running weather too! grrrrr.    

So with the crazy hours, running, and Brooke . . .hasn't been a whole lot of crafting time.  Just a bit here and there when I can.  I did get to finish one project, start a new one, and I am almost done with a belated Christmas/Birthday gift (oops. . .ya just my Dad. . .he doesn't care).

The completed project - is the Shelter Infinity scarf.  This is a free pattern on Ravelry.  Used three hanks of Malabrigo that I purchased at Green Mountain Fibers in Rutland.  Not a difficult pattern.  It has some cables throughout in a 4 or 5 row repeat.  I did wear it to work during that ridiculous cold spell we had and it did a great job in keeping my neck warm which is half the battle for me in my drafty office.

The newly started knitting project is a pair of socks!  Been a long time since i've knitted socks!  I remember the days when that was all I knit and my friends and I would take trips around the state looking for different sock yarn.  

This is a Plymouth yarn called Diversity (93% acrylic and 7% polyester).  Now I am not a big acrylic fan . . or polyester either . . .just sounds gross . .but I actually like this.  Its stretchy and squishy soft.  I think in the end they will be a nice tight fit without being uncomfortable and will not become all slouchy like some hand knit socks do.  I think they might just hold their own throughout the day.  Time will tell.  

The pattern is completely made up. . .just co 56 stitches evenly and knitted a k2 p2 ribbing for an 1 1/2 inches and then continued with a baby cable every 4th row.  

I am also close to finishing a fleece Packers blanket for my dad.  His Christmas/Birthday gift which is a little late.  Good thing he doesn't mind.  I think it will be worth the wait . . .this puppy is WARM!  9 x 9 inch squares double layered and sewn into strips and then together.  The only thing that was a challenge was the point where 8 layers of fleece come together.  Now I switched to a denim needle on my Bernina and I used my walking foot too.  Still skipped and left big stitches in those spots so I am having to hand sew over those areas.  Ugh. . .was suppose to be quicker than this but oh well.  Its going to look great and will be well worth the extra effort.

And tomorrow Brooke and I are headed to Sesame Street live in Albany.  I don't know who will be more excited . . .me or her.  I know I am going crazy because I want to tell her but I am making myself wait until tomorrow morning.  A test for when I take her to Disney (this is way in the future but I really need practice at this!!!).  Very excited for a mommy-daughter day with lots of photos!
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