Wednesday, February 3, 2010

little baby . . .BIG LOVE!

I wish I could say this photo idea was my own but I took it off from the sixoneseven website. I just loved the idea and I wanted to use this photo in my shower invites.

Yes I am extremely involved in the planning of my own baby shower. . .hey. . you can't let a stamper not design their own invites. . .and its tax season. . good luck trying to get me to some place without telling me. Plus I really wanted a Jack and Jill shower so that Joel was involved. Its about us and not just me.

See what can happen kids when you swallow those watermelon seeds! Just kidding baby Brooke is growing along nicely. . .moving a lot! But I have found that baby Mozart calms her and puts her to sleep. . .keeping notes for later:)

And of course Barley can't wait to meet her new play buddy. I think she knows!

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