Sunday, March 15, 2009

Katie's Socks and Sweet Pea

Not much to talk about. I pretty much do tax returns in my sleep at this point. Only 4 more weeks. . then life can go back to normal. . .thank goodness. . .I am so exhausted!

I did finish Katie's birthday socks! Which came out fabulous! . . .and I just could not wait until April 7th to give them to her . . .so I did!

And they were so much fun that I started a pair in green for Me! Only one skein is needed too! Woohoo!

I also started the Sweet Pea for my cousin who's baby shower is at the end of this month. . .so I have a few more Sunday's to get this done. But I love it! I so want one for my baby. . .my hypothetical one that is. I got the idea off from the sixoneseven blog because the original pattern. . .not so cute. But look how it is turning out. . . .

some little brown booties and a hat. . . its just too cute!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A smidge of progress

A smidge of progress but not much. I have been in the full force blur of tax season along with having several audits going on at the same time. By Sunday, my one and only day off . . .I am lucky to know who I am let alone follow a pattern.

I did get a nice break two nights this week when Julie came to visit. I really wish I could have taken a day off to spend with her but I just can't this time of year. . . it is impossible. It was so good to laugh. . .we knitted and laughed for two evenings which helped to lift my spirits to get through the next 6 weeks. I didn't make it to the gym at all this week but hey. . .laughter is good for the heart too.

I was able to complete one of the socks which does have a April deadline since it is a birthday gift. The pattern is free online:

Hopefully I can finish it with one skein of jitterbug but it made me nervous and I bought another just incase. Will let you know.
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