Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Gifts: Week 4

 Christmas gift prep week 4 has come and gone.  And with all the other things I had going on this week, this has been a rather productive one.  I managed to finish one carrot with 4 more on the way and close to being complete, two pairs or pajama's, and one cowl.  Woohoo!!!  And considering I took off an entire day to bake 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies, 2 batches of brownies, 2 batches of scones, 2 loaves of cheddar dill bread, and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread . . .hey I deserve the superwoman award this week.  (aka . .Deer Camp prep)

But anyway, I love this carrot!!! The more felt things I make the more I fall in love with this whole idea.  They look so realistic and are a much healthier toy choice over plastic.

I also finished another pair of pajama pants this weekend.  These are for my niece Emma for Christmas.  Size 12 months from the Oliver + S pattern.  This is the best pattern.  Quick, easy, and fun!

These are for my other niece Shyla for Christmas.  I actually went on a cutting rampage yesterday and cut 10 projects, 8 being pajama pants so I will have lots to work on this week.  Its a short work week (2 days) so there is plenty of sewing time in my time budget.

And finally the cowl I started last week.  Came out great.  Love the colors.  I am now working on a owlet sweater for Brooke for our Christmas card photos that I plan to take this coming week.  Almost done but I need to make mittens too . . .eek!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas gifts: Week 3

 Week 3 turned our to be a very busy and exhausting week.  With the elections going on me being out of town for work . . . .not a big accomplishment week.  But the good news is . . .its a three day weekend so I can make up a little time.  The above dress is the "Pink Dress" which I blogged about here  Very simple dress sewing wise but is extremely eye appealing otherwise.  I highly recommend it.  Pattern sizes range from 1 year to size 8 so I will be able to use this pattern many times over the next few years.

 This dress is a Christmas present for my niece Emma.  She will be a year old in may and its her first Christmas.  I made the dress a size two so she will have plenty of room to grow.  Fabric was great buy at Joann's on clearance along with the trim fabric.  With a coupon . . .this might have cost me $5 to make and I have some leftover fabric to play around with for bags.
And I have pulled out the knitting needles again for some needed projects.  This cowl I made back in April of 2012 and blogged about here  Simple one skein that looks quite elegant when complete.  I also have a white owl sweater in the plans this week and red mittens for the Christmas card photo shoot coming up for this years cards.  No out of town plans this week so I will be forging ahead with my Christmas present plans.  Can't wait for next weekend. . .my hubby is giving me a sewing day in the middle of deer season!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas Gifts: Week 2

Week two of Christmas gift prep and I have one completed project, one almost complete project, and a few more started.  

The completed project consists of four juicy red felt tomatoes.  They look almost yummy enough to eat!  These were quick and easy projects to make.  I could put one together in an hour watching television in the evening.  The pattern came from the book"Big Little Felt Universe".  Lots of cute projects in this book and I have also found some cute patterns on Etsy that I also plan to make.

The almost complete project is the "Pink Dress" pattern in blue paisley for my niece Emma for Christmas.  I am so close to being done. . .just need to sew the collar piece down and it one more in the finished pile.  This is also a great pattern that I will use over and over.  Posted more about this pattern here:

After finishing the tomatoes I started a felt carrot from the Bugga Bugs pattern that I found on etsy.  I have the carrot sewn and stuff but I still need to add the leaves.  I just love it!  Its so cute!  Brooke said we need to go and put it in Papa's garden.  So I guess it looks pretty real.

And finally, been putting this off for a while but the quilt for my niece Emma's crib to match the baby bumper I made this summer.  I need to sew on the binding which I was going to make but decided to buy for ease since the fabric my sister chose was a little thin to provide a strong binding edge.  But now that it is getting cold I need to finish this. . .it's pretty easy I just need to do it.  So here it goes!  Not a Christmas project but a project that needs to be off my list!
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