Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fabric Basket

Hot off the presser foot . . . .is a fabric basket! 

Pattern found here:  Noodlehead fabric basket 

I have been dreaming of trying this pattern for myself but have not been able to find any selfish sewing time with April 15th nipping at my heels.  However, recently a friend contacted me looking for something homemade to give as a girl baby shower gift.  We looked at skirt patterns, dress patterns, and shirt patterns, and finally settled on a fabric basket filled with baby goodies.

I think she is going to love it. . .my friend and her gift recipient.  Fabric: canvas from Joann's,  Amy Butler Passion Vine on the inside and Amy Butler Wood Fern for the outside.  Both are from the Nigella series.

Pattern review - simple, well written, good photo instruction, and a great end result.  Two thumbs up on this one.  I will be making more of these in the future.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Simple coasters

What to do with those left over scraps?  Well, if you can get eight 4 1/2 inch x 4 1/2 inch squares you can throw together some cute matching coasters.

Simple but fun.  Two 4 1/2 inch squares sandwiched with one square of cotton batting.  As I did with the pot holders I quilted five times around each square working from the outside to the inside with my quarter inch guide foot (the first foot I ever bought and used constantly).  The pot holders were quilted a 1/2 inch apart.  And I will do the same with the placemats (coming soon).

I am thinking these will be a great way to use up scraps and will be great for craft fairs.  Tied with some twill and pretty tag.  What a great gift to give or to and gift.  Set of 4 for $8 or 6 for $12.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brooketrout Designs: Pot holders

Friends are always saying to me "can you make me this or that?  I will pay you!"  

Ok, lets do that!

Alright, now I know its the middle of tax season but what the heck right?  The best stress reliever for me is to have a project or a goal.  Even if I only get a hour or two a week to work on it.  It just keeps me focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.  

I am an accountant . . .I need a checklist.  Its just in my blood.

These pot holders were a request from a friend of mine.   Who like me, LOVES wine.  We always have the best of time hanging together after a long run sitting of my porch with our feet up and a glass of a fine cabernet.  (Note - can't wait for summer, can you tell?)  So when I was shopping for fabric for some kitchen attire for her, I saw this fabric and fell in love with it.  

This pattern is just off the top of my head, 10 x 10 inch squares that are sewn together with cotton batting.  **Note - make sure you use cotton and not polyester.  Heat and polyester do not play well together.  I used two layers of cotton batting so its padded, but not too padded.  I am not a big fan of those granny looking pot holders you see at craft fairs.  I wanted a more modern look.  I also chose to sew a little hook hanger for the corner edge.  

Each one has a 1/2 inch seam all the way around leaving a 1.5 inch opening to turn.  Remember to trim the corners for ease.  After turning, I pressed and then quilted a 1/2 inch all the way around the inside of the square.  Then again, and again for a total of 5 times.  

I love these and the fabric.  I am also making her some coasters and some placemats to match.  I do have a little bit of fabric left over, so I think I will make a set of pot holders for inventory for sale later on.  Interested? - See my Brooketrout Designs tab for more information.

As I finish up the place mats this week. . .I might have to finish with a glass of wine in their honor:)  Cheers!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

Happy St Patricks Day!  

I love green!  It's my favorite color.  And I LOVE polka dots.  This looks fabulous with a pair of black pants and a white poor boy turtle neck.  Just the right splash of color.  

Sewing an infinity scarf is also a great way to get your sewing fix in when you are running short on time.  I have been straight out the past few weeks with tax season and the itch to make something really gets to me.  This takes only 1 yard of fabric and can be completed in 1.5 hours (cutting and sewing).  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Blanket for Dad

I started this project this fall with the high hopes of getting it done for Christmas along with a gazillion other projects.  Unfortunately, I didn't even get it to the cutting board until January.  But it will be well worth the wait.   

I am so excited about how this turned out.  I love the colors!  They are so vibrant.  Now, Packers fan or not (I am so not a sports fan in general), its pretty cool!  

This blanket is super warm since it is a double layer of fleece.   Of course due to my delay, he may not use it until next year since winter is pretty much over in Tennessee.  

Oh well, that is how holidays work in our family.  Brooke just got her Christmas gifts from my parents a few weeks ago.  No pressure:)

Pattern:  free Joann's pattern which consisted of 9 x 9 inch squares.  I bought some Packers fleece when it was on sale this fall at and then hit Joann's on black Friday for their super fleece sale.  I have lots of fleece left over and it only cost me $40 for all the fleece to begin with.  A total deal!

The only complaint I have is the hand sewing I had to do at the corner seams where the 8 pieces of fleece came together.  Not even a jeans needle and a walking foot would go through it without skipping and leaving big stitches.  Other than that it was a breeze.  

Would I make another one. . . . maybe??  I think I would have to figure out the corner seam issue first.  It was very time consuming and time is not something I have an abundance of.    

I even got it out in the mail this week!  Should be there on Monday. . .I await the call saying the package arrived.  

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