Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Did It! Two down!

I did it! Woohoo! Test number two of the CPA exam is in the history books. And the beast of the four test to boot! An absolute amazing feeling . . .the best high ever! I will start studying for BEC this week and continue on to hopefully complete the other two exams before tax season starts. That is my goal anyway. . .put this behind me and then just enjoy life and work for a little while. Lots of people ask me . . well whats next? Well at someone point I would like to either get my masters or teach but at this point . . .I need a break and my daughter needs me. I really want to spend this valuable time with her. I will just be glad to get this important goal behind me. Its been one hell of a year that is for sure!

With the leaves changing and cool temperatures creeping up. . .I have really got the knitting bug again. . . .can't help myself! I find myself dreaming of sitting in my favorite chair with my knitting in my lap and my tea or coffee on the stand beside me. . all cozy and happy!
Snowbird pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier which can be purchased on ravelry. Easy to follow instructions. Love the collar line, knitting from the top down, size 6, dk weight. I am using some Jo Sharp silk road dk that I purchased at webs a few years ago. My favorite part is that I can continue to try it on as I knit because you complete the sleeves before the body. I have to admit. . .I have tried it on several times already and can not wait for it to be finished. . .I think it will become my new favorite sweater.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That time of year again.. .

. . .you know the time of year. . . when you wake up to cool crisp air. . .you pick apples in the orchard . .your home is filled the smell of homemade apple pie and all you want to do is snuggle up under a blanket with your knitting. . .oh how I LOVE fall!

The three of us ventured out to Douglas Orchards in Shoreham, VT on Saturday. We usually go once a year because you can pick your own and they have all sorts of other kid friendly things going on. Luckily this year we went early and thus. . .we can go again!

Brooke's second year of apple picking went well. . .she loved it! A little too much actually. The only way we could convince her to leave was to give her an apple to eat for the ride home.

Sunday was filled with baking an apple pie and my first crust all from scratch and lots of knitting. Brooke and I actually snuggled for quite a while on the couch. . .she loves Elmo. .I love to knit. . .together it is just the perfect afternoon :)

Ya - I know, suppose to be studying but I just can't bring myself to get serious again until I get that FAR score back. . .its almost that time. . .come on 75!
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