Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shelter Infinity Scarf

A long busy week this week.  Feeling very exhausted today.  I  spent most of the week out of town for work.  

And I will say that if you have to spend the week on the road . . . there is no better way to spend the week in a hotel room than dragging your sewing machine with you.  Now you get some funny looks as you drag your sewing machine and laptop while dressed in your high heels to the elevator . . .but hey. . .you have to do what you have to do.  

I got almost 1/2 of the fleece quilt completed for my father for his belated birthday/christmas gift so it was worth the confused looks.

I am also currently knitting the Shelter Infinity Scarf (pattern can be found on Ravelry).

This pattern is very enjoyable to knit.  It is not too easy and not too difficult either.  I chose a variegated malabrigo worsted weight yarn.  Soft and warm but also a little fuzzy and pills very easily.  I love the yarn but it does drive me a little crazy that it pills so easy.

This scarf is an infinity scarf so it will be joined together in the end.  It is knit straight and in once piece, not in the round.  These photos are also taken without any blocking so the pattern should really define itself once I block it.  Can't wait to wear it.  I think it will look great with my black peacoat.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One for you . . .and one for me

As I come off from the holiday gift making season I feel the need to be a little selfish. . . but not completely.  I just can't resist those big blue eyes and the words "you make me one mama?"  

 Lucky for me, the hat I made Brooke last week only took one skein of Rowan Big Wool from my stash.   However, there was only two and the last one looked completely lost without the other.  So I used it to whip up a matching pink scarf. 

They really should be together.  Some things are just meant to be right?

Brooke seems to think so.  She was so warm and cozy that she feel asleep in her sled while going down the rail trail with my husband.  I guess this yarn really did have a purpose.

 And finally a little selfishness for me.  One yard of a rayon print made into an infinity scarf.  Quick and easy selfish project that you can put together in an hour.

I love it.  Looks great with my black J Jill dress and black boots.  A nice addition to my office attire.  The time frame is great for this project as well since I only have one day a week off right now.  Tax season is here once again.  Oh how quickly it comes . . .kind of like the holidays. . .fun and exciting but stressful and exhausting.  But in the end. . .you can't wait until next year.  Yep, that is sick and twisted!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Pink Snowboarding Hat

Someone has really taking a liking to snowboarding this past week.  Lucky for her our childcare includes a few expert snowboarders with connections to a Vermont ski area.  

And we also got dumped on this week which has been great since she loves the snow and she finally gets to use the snowsuit that I purchased last year when it just wouldn't snow.  Could she be any happier? 

So on my agenda this week was knitting up a warm snowboarding hat with ear flaps to keep those cute ears snugly warm.  I did happen to have two skeins of Rowan big wool in my stash that I was not sure what to do with.   So I set out to find a pattern I could tweak to my liking.  Rowan big wool is a bulky weight yarn and I did find the "Teo Hat" on ravelry which is a free pattern.  I used that as a guide to start out the ear flaps and cast on the brim of the hat (except I added 4 additional stitches to the brim just to give me enough room). 

When I got to the point of decreasing (which I kept trying on her head until it looked right to me) I k2tog every 4 stitches, then knit two rounds, then k2tog every 3 stitches, knit one round, k2tog every two stitches, knit one round, then k2tog around until I had 6 stitches to close.  I then cut 9 long strips of yarn (1 for each ear flap and one for the top) and used a darning needle to feed them through half way so I ended up with 6 strands that I could use to braid and knot at the end.  Don't forget to trim the ends.  

She loved it!!!. . .took me one evening to pull together.  It also only took one skein so the other I can use for a scarf.  Next on the list!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year . . .welcome 2013

Happy New Year!

Nothing like starting the new year with a completed project.  Quick and easy.  I cut out two 10 x 10 inch squares of two different fabrics along with two 2 x 3 inch pieces for the hangers and six 10 x 10 inch squares of cotton batting for the filling.  I sandwiched them all together and sewed almost all the way around leaving a 3 inch opening to turn the fabric.  After turning around I pressed and sewed up the opening and then quilted two 1/2 inch borders around the edge.  A great gift for my gram.  Can't wait to make some for myself.  

And what does 2013 bring . . . hopefully clothes for me!  
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