Monday, September 2, 2013

RWB: The Watermelon Dress

The watermelon dress turned out to be a perfect way to end our summer Runway Brooke sewing and celebrate this end of summer labor day weekend.  

Believe it or not,  . . .its still HOT here in Vermont.  So even though the calendar tells us autumn is right around the corner, it still feels like the middle of August.  

Brooke actually requested the watermelon dress.  We were spending the day with my Gram and right after lunch she informed me that we needed to stop at the fabric store on our way home for fabric to make a "watermelon dress".  I kind of brushed it off at first but she was pretty insistent on the way home.  So we stopped and looked around until we came across this fabric.

I have to say her taste in fabric is great.  The girl really has an eye for this! 

My thoughts:  This will be the first of many many Geranium dresses (Pattern).  

I love love love this pattern!  It gives you a few different options, it's easy to read, simple to construct, great photos directions. . .oh I could go on and on.  Its just lovely . . .really!  Way to go Rae . . . once again!

The one flaw in this dress (this would be "my flaw" . . .not the pattern) is button holes.  I need to work on my button holes.  The first one is a little longer than the rest and last one had some fleece fuzz get stuck in the stitches because I forgot to test it out on scrap first . . . oh and clean the machine! . . .lazy me!  I am usually not a lazy person but I was in a hurry (typical of me) and I just didn't take the time.  Big grrrr!

You can't tell really . . .so I am slowly getting over it.  (Just makes me mad at myself)  
She likes the dress, the photos came out (melt my heart) wonderful.  

A great project, a great dress, amazing pattern, and some photos I will cherish forever! 

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