Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kauni Cardigan

Well now that I am 50% done with the chemise. . .time to start thinking about another project for the 30 minute ride to Rutland in the morning. . . that is valuable knitting time. While pondering my many bins of yarn and . . .excessive amounts of planned projects I decided I would start the Kauni Cardigan. . .this yarn has really been a great discovery for fair isle projects when you don't have the time to pay as much attention to detail. . .I mean don't get me wrong. . I love the challenge and have several projects in my stash . . . .but you really have to have the time to dedicate to these kinds of projects. The yarn is specifically dyed and skeined to allow you to create a beautiful fair isle project with two strands of yarn. . .the colors change at different times giving you the look of fair isle. for the free pattern. . the yarn I got at

Barley and Joel are camping this weekend. . . . so I will have a lot of knitting time in the evening. . . .Barley's first camping trip. She is very excited. . .she went all around our apartment carrying Joel's camping pillow like her own little sleeping bag. She is like a little kid sometimes!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming out nice. . .

I am really enjoying this . . .its coming out so nice. . . .and I love this color!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Next Project

Next Project - Interweave Knits - Drawstring Chemise. Thanks to one of my favorite sites "Stitchywitch". . .I saw it in mocha and had to make it. The lace pattern is a little difficult at first but eventually you catch on and the pattern stands out to you as you are knitting. I have a very long torso so I took Jessica's suggestion and added 1.5 inches to the length. I am creeping on 30 and my mid-drift days are over. . flat stomach or not.

Over all the project is very inexpensive. . .6 skeins at 7.50 each = $45.00. Compared to a sweater. . .that isn't bad!

I have been knitting to and from work everyday. . .don't worry . . Joel and I are commuting together. . .no knitting while driving :) I really enjoy knitting with cotton during the summer. . it has a great feel to it and it doesn't stick to you when it is humid.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's done! I am so excited and love this sweater! Every time I knit with this yarn it comes out perfect. ..Rowan is really just the best. . . And Kim Hargreaves. ..her designs. . .hats off! She is truly gifted.

Hot Days!

This week was full of exhausting hot days! I just drives me bonkers. . .Barely too. . the poor thing. She was sick at daycare. . .heat exhaustion. . .she must get that from me. I get extremely ill when its hot. We take her to Happy Paws Daycare in Castleton during the week while we are at work. She just loves it. . and they are very good to her. They have done very well too. . they now have a bus that goes into Rutland and picks up other dogs. . "Happy Paws Doggy Bus" . . .I love it. . it is so cute and funny! Check out the bus!

We ended up taking her to the river a lot this week just to cool her off before going upstairs to our sweat box apartment.

And she is such a great retriever. . .I just can't believe how well trained she is for only a year old. Joel really is amazing with her. . .as he is with all animals. Its all about patience.

Last weekend. . .

Finally back again. . .it has been so hot in our apartment that I just could not go upstairs and download any photos or even begin to think of adding to this blog. I have been living in my bedroom with the A/C for just about every night this week! Oh I hate hot weather! But anyway, last weekend was my cousin Amber's baby shower. . .I just can't believe she is having a baby. . .she just can't be that old. . .I just can not believe it! She is my sisters age. . .I am getting so old!

I knitted her a blanket out of Debbie Bliss super chunky cashmerino because I didn't know what she was having until two weeks before. . .went fast but that yarn has got quite the price tag on it. . .she is worth it though. . and I know she will appreciate it and cherish it forever! I put together a cute basket with all seventh generation products to help her get ready for the baby. . .a happy baby is a green baby!

That was a busy day, went to a card class with my friend Jess. Haven't seen her in forever and the card class was great! Trena is so talented and her projects always leave me inspired. Of course I just had to have the stamp set when I left. . .love the fruit. . .it is just so cute!

this is the card box and there are 10 cards in the box 2 of 5 different designs. I love them all!

I just love the envelopes! Aren't they great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Close!

So close to being done, I have the back, both fronts, and the sleeves done. . .just have to do the cuff on the last sleeve and then I can begin putting it together. This picture is terrible . . . .I know . . . .but the light abilities in our apartment are just awful. The best light I can get it near the window and I had to act fast since Barley was quite annoyed that I was in her spot. . .yep. . .she is a people watcher. . . .I also have not blocked it at all.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So many things to make. . .so little time. ..darn!

I just love the look and shaping of this sweater. . .what a great design! She used Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre. . . .Julie this is the yarn we fell in love with at the Whipple Tree!!!!! According to Ravelry. . .the pattern is in french. . .Julie. . .this is where you come in my french speaking little friend :)

I am so making the Jasmine sweater. . .this is high on my list!

Love this! and this . . .from brooklynn tweed. . . really into that golden color lately. It is just so yummy! The others are all Kim Hargreaves patterns . . I just love her style.
I soooooo need more time!

New Book!

Can't wait to check out this new book. . .I had to order it after Julie raved about it. . .if she is nuts about it . . .I will be too!

Sex and the City

The movie was great. . . .it was like watching an extra long version of the show. . .same characters, same chemistry, just perfect!

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