Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas gift prep: Week 1

Week 1 of Christmas gift prep.  This week I chose to stick with something easy since my work week was busy and my husband was also out of town for work.  Oliver +S pajama bottom pattern from the Bedtime Story pattern was a perfect choice.  Consists of three pattern pieces and I can put one together is an evening . . probably two in an evening once I have the pattern down.

 The first pair I made from some clearance flannel from Joann's.  Cute but hard to photograph.  The pattern is very busy and I had a hard time getting the focus right.  The photo is still blurry and I tried several didn't ways with several didn't setting and this was the best I could get.  Now when I made the first pair I didn't surge anything but I did with the second pair and will from now on.  I really like the surged finish.

  Really like this pair.  I surged the edges, changed the cuffs and this flannel is softer and drapes better.

 The second pair I did the bottom cuffs in a different flannel from a fat quarter I got last year in CT. 

 I would have done the waist band too but I couldn't get the band unless I pieced the fabric together which I just didn't feel like doing.

The second project I started this week was the felt food for Brooke's kitchen.  I have several patterns to get done before Christmas.  I am trying to squeeze at least one or two of these felt projects in a week.  

This one was pretty easy to make using a CD as a pattern and then beads for sprinkles.  I really like the felt . . .much better than plastic.  Not bad for a busy week one . . .this week could be good or bad. . .with Hurricane Sandy on the way I could be stuck at home without power or I could be slammed at work . . .hard to tell.  Just going with the flow.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rhinebeck. . . .what a great day :)

 We went to the annual Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool last weekend.  What a great day!  Weather was perfect, Brooke had a great time, got to spend time with friends. . .what else could you ask for right?  As with tradition I spent the weekend with a close friend in CT so that the morning of the festival it was just a short drive.  I also asked a co-worker to go with me this year, so the trip down the day before was much more relaxing for me.  A four hour trip in the car with a 2 year old is definitely much better with a co-pilot.
This year it was absolutely perfect for taking some truly great shots of Brooke.  And I actually took about 150 shots total . . the trick I find with a 2 year old is to shoot fast and frequent and in the end your average is pretty good.  I delete a lot but with digital. . .who cares right?

Brooke was so funny about our trip this year. . .all week long she asked me if we were going to see the sheep today.  And every time I told her, it got a little short . . .in a few days sweetie, in another day pumpkin. . . tomorrow we get to see them. . .each time her little face would light up more and more.
 Its just amazing how fast she is growing.  I am very lucky to be able to capture these moments and freeze them in time.  
Oh how we waited so long for Sheep kisses xoxoxoxo
 This was also the perfect opportunity to take some photos of her in the "in-threes" cardigan that I knitted a few months ago.  It looks great with a jean skirt and a pair of brown boots just as I had imagined.  The fit is nice and she has some room to grow.  Size is a 2T/3T so I should get two years out of it.  Woohoo!
 Yarn is cascade superwash . . .about 1.5 skeins.  Now I am not a big fan of superwash but it is nice right now with the growing messy-marvin in the house.  
 I also really like the three different color buttons.  They are bright and fun and can be mixed and matched with different shirts.  

What is next on the agenda. . .well its getting to be that time of year again. . .prep for Christmas.  I have many Christmas gifts lined up.  First in line is the Oliver & S pajama pants for Brooke in a few different flannel prints.  Then the Oliver & S bucket hat for Brooke.  The list is really long. . .better get going on it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Infinity obsession

I think I am officially obsessed with making infinity scarfs.  And maybe this fabric above too?  I just bought some more to make place mats for my dining room table.  It's not high quality fabric but I love the print and with a Joann's coupon a scarf cost me $4.70 to make (1 yard of fabric).  You can't go wrong with that.  These scarves are also easy to do projects that take no time at all.  I made both of these this morning while my daughter was still asleep.  

This one is a striped knit fabric that I also purchased at Joann's.  Cost is about $6.80 with a coupon.  Because of the way this fabric is cut I had to cut four pieces and use three to make the tube.  The fourth I think I will use to either make Brooke a scarf or a maxi skirt.  But this one was fun as well.  I love stripes!  I might have to get some more of this and make a matching maxi skirt :) Stylish!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A few quick sewing projects

 Two very quick sewing projects.  Above 1.  Pillow cases using two yards of fabric and Amy Butlers pillow case pattern.  In just over an hour I had two new vibrant pillow cases.  I love them!
And 2.  An Infinity scarf using 1 yard of fabric and 1 hour to cut and sew.  Goes great with a long black jacket, jeans, and pair of brown riding boots.  
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