Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post tax season has arrived!!!!!

I am free at last! . . . .and don't know what to do first. Oh my goodness! There is so much to get caught up on that I don't know where to start. eeek!

I also have my exam next Saturday so I am studying but at the same time trying to give myself a little break. A change in attitude has really helped there. . .instead of getting frustrated when I can't remember everything. . . I am instead opening my mind to try and embrace the information that hasn't stuck. It seems to be helping.

It will be what it will be. . .I can't force it. I have at least taken on some more complex clients at work which has really sharpened my skills. . .I need to do it hands on to get it to sink in or it doesn't mean anything.


Finished the twilight series. . . . .what a great series and a fabulous love story. I still liked the 1st book the best but I was glad to see the ending in the 4th and to finally figure out some lingering questions I had about how things worked. The author did do it in a very tasteful manner for those who get all bashful at the idea. Me. . I am very open about everything so it would take a lot to make me blush.

Got the movie too. . the actor who plays Edward Cullen. . .can you say yum? ah. . .more details please!

Knitting projects:

Finished the sweet pea for my cousin . . it was so cute. .I hated to part with it but i can make another one.

I also started the Monkey sock since I am teaching a class starting May 1st at Green Mountain Fibers. . .only one is done since I will be knitting the other for the class itself. This is out of jitterbug. . .this yarn is amazing. . . .done on size 1 1/2 dpn. . 2's are a little too big for me and 1's are too small so 1 1/2 are just right.

It was a blast. . so easy!

I will also be teaching 3 other sock classes during the summer out of the sock innovation book.(which is fabulous . . so run out and get a copy . . . but if you take the classes at GMF you get a discount. . .check the website details to be posted soon.)

Sweater project. . .must have one of those going in the back ground. I started Vaila out of Malabrigo . . .which is like knitting butter. . but unfortunately pills when you just look at it.

Doesn't it look yummy!

I also gave myself a much needed reward this year. Instead of going away after tax season like we always do. . .mostly because there is so much to do with the house and I have an exam coming up. . .instead I purchased something I have been drooling over FOREVER!

Now is isn't the exact model I wanted but it is a very solid foundation for sure.

oh ya! I have wanted a sewing machine for a long long time. A good one. . .not one of those machines with plastic parts. . .no. . . a REAL sewing machine. My goal is to make some pillows for the living room, a baby quilt, and maybe some curtains this summer. Yes I said baby quilt. . but I am not pregnant . . .yet. We will start trying this fall. Yes, I am a planner . . it is what keeps me sane.

ttfn -off to study. . .
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