Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time flys. . .

When you are having fun. . .December has come and gone in a blur . . .but boy was it fun. Passed number 3 of the CPA exam. . .almost ready to take number 4 . . . and the final exam (yahoo!). Had a blast baking cookies, breads, scones, and all sorts of goodies for Christmas gifts. I have really missed baking. . .so glad I picked it up again. I really look forward to the days of having time to REALLY bake. Especially with Brooke. She loves baking so much that we got her a kitchen set for Christmas so that she can bake with Mommy with her OWN pots and pans. The past few days have been filled with "baking" and "taste it". . . .baking does really come from the heart:)

In the middle of all this I was able to finish Brooke's Owlet sweater and take a photo shoot a few weeks ago. I really love this sweater. . .pattern was easy and its just so adorable on her. I highly recommend!

In the mist of all the studying and baking I was some how able to put together 50 Christmas cards this year. . .it was like a card production line and by the time it was over . . .I was carded out! Its was another "Dear Santa" on the outside. . .and on the inside it read. . ."Got Milk?"

I really hope that every Christmas card is this much fun. . . .so far its been such a blast. Now to come up with an idea for next year. . . . .oh boy!
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