Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A breath of fresh air

With my nose crammed in CPA exam review books. . . the weeks have seem to just fly by. Thankfully I now have a three week break and an entire weeks vacation in the middle of all that!

Even though its been a struggle juggling work, Brooke (who is now walking and into EVERYTHING!), along with managing a household and studying . . it really has been worth all the effort. I passed my first exam with a 91 (Auditing). And I just took the second (Financial Accounting and Reporting) on Monday. I will not know that score for weeks but I feel like I have at least enough to hopefully pass. Its the longest and hardest due to the amount of material. So I am 25% to CPA . . maybe 50% . . .lets hope!

Brooke has been growing and developing into the sweetest little person. I really do just adore her. I really look forward to showing and teaching her things when she gets a little older . . .our bond has grown so strong in the past six months. When she was born I was very unsure of myself . . .I am not a baby person . . .I never have been, but now that we are getting past all of that yucky baby stuff . . .oh it really is a treasure to have her around.
On the crafting front, working on finishing a sweater for Brooke (just needs buttons), started a wrap for me, and I have an outfit for Brooke cut and half sewn. Pictures to come . .maybe tomorrow on my lunch break since I am working on CPE from home tomorrow with Miss B. Thinking about making some cupcakes tomorrow as well. . .really have an addiction to making cupcakes for some reason . . they are just so cute. . little miniature cakes:)
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