Sunday, July 11, 2010

So little time. . .so little

Back to work at the office on July 1st. . .which is like heaven!!! I really do love my daughter but I can't spend all day with her . . .every day. . I need adult conversation. . .project accomplishment (sorry changing a diaper just don't cut it for me). I am a much better part-time mom than a full-time one (not afraid to admit that). Hats off to those who do it full-time. . that's amazing but no way possible for me. She's in a great daycare (a good friend of mine) and its perfect for her and me so everyone is happy. . .well except for this past week. . it was hot and no one was happy. . this little girl takes after mommy and does not like the heat at all! Cranky butt!

So its back to work, back to studying (CPA exam), going to the gym, and on top of that . . bookkeeping for the yarn shop, taking care of Brooke, the house. . .oh and way down a the very bottom of that list is fun time . . .most of the time I don't even make it there. . but I keep telling myself I will get there. Just thankful that I have a husband that helps or I would never get there. . .I wouldn't get half way through that list!

Well I did finish another project I started prior to her arrival a few weeks ago. . this little ballerina number is from a sublime book and out of their baby cashmerino. . . very cute. . and yes I should have ironed it again before I took this photo but hey. . I have like minutes sometimes before she screams for me to be at her beckon call. . .ya that is right. . that is what she thinks sometimes and occasionally the two of us go head to head.. .you see I am very stubborn too!

Started this project the night before I went to the hospital to have my blood pressure checked and they wouldn't let me go home without a baby in hand. Spent the night and most of the day the next morning before the induced me working on it. . .all the nurses and doctors were loving it. . and some of them were even knitters!. . .it was good to know I had some knitters on my medical team. I finished it a few weeks after she was born but haven't had time to take photos or post it. Sheep - from the Never Not Knitting blog. Great pattern! When she is a little older I want to make her the stripes cardigan out of Debbie bliss from the same site.

Now all I need is to order the sheep buttons and take some photos this fall. . .I am thinking this will be her apple picking sweater.

And now that she is getting older she is a little more cooperating. Brookie helping mommy on the 4th of July with her yarn while we wait for the fireworks to start. She's a pretty good helper but hasn't graduated to having needles just yet. She does like to watch the needles move and hold the yarn. . .a future knitter for sure :)

And finally a finished project this month! Although not for me or Brooke it is nice to finally finish something. Sam from the Wee Knits 2 Mission Falls book - a gift for my friend Jess who is having her second baby next month.

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