Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Back!

for real this time. I have been slacking for several reasons. . .studying. . .sewing. . . .painting. . .but mostly just being lazy and not wanting to be on the computer.
I am really going to try to post something once a week. How else to people know I am alive. . .they never see me :)

So here it is Rita-roo. . .a post . . . and a completed project. I started the sweet pea right before I left for a short vacation in Maine. It is out of Queensland Bebe Cotton/Soy. Great yarn . . very soft and fabulous to work with. I would use it again for sure.

I did make some additional changes this time. I added an eyelet row and threaded some green ribbon to give it unique touch. I really wanted that pea pod look for my little sweet pea to be some day.

and a matching hat of course:)

ooooh maybe tomorrow I will post the Green Mountain Fiber Event photos from today. . .very exciting. . spinning. . dyeing yarn. . .lots of cool things.


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