Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Baby Bedding

Making baby bedding isn't really difficult, but it is a lot of work and you end up working with rather large strips of fabric.   So depending on your skill level, it can be a challenge.

However I think it really adds to a baby's room and is such a great way to celebrate a new arrival.

So my baby sister is due to have her first baby next month and I . . .being the crafty sister that I am, offered to make her baby bedding for her.  This is actually the first baby bedding I have actually done myself.  You see when I was 4 months pregnant with Brooke I actually had the bright idea that I was going to make everything myself.  At that point I had about 6 months of sewing under my belt and by the time tax season was over I was 8 months pregnant, had a huge box of fabric and only a small chair pillow to show for it.  And not only that, every time I tried to measure out fabric and cut, I would end up pulling the fabric off the table with my belly.  Hysterical now, not so much at the time!

Luckily for me I was able to call in my favorite sewing genius friend to zoom up from Connecticut to save the day.  Within one weekend she had a crib sheet and bumper done!  She is just amazing! And the best friend ever!

So far this has been fun.  The fabric she choose was a little thin so I did have to add a layer of muslin to make it more sturdy.  I would have picked out something thicker but she lives in TN and I didn't even think to mention home decor weight to her.  So far this seems to me working great.

I am using the Amy Butler crib pattern from her book Little Stitches.  Pattern is ok, not the best but its workable if you have sewn before but not for a beginner.  I did add binding tape to the edge for a different look this time and I am not putting in the pockets.  I left these out since the fabric is a little thin and I don't want them to be floppy and I didn't really like them on mine anyway.

So hopefully I will have this coming weekend since I have to start the quilt as well.  But as my schedule always goes. . .hard to tell.  Joel is gone all weekend for a caving event, I have to practice run the 1/2 marathon route before my race on the 3rd and I have Brooke all weekend so. . . .I may be over thinking my free time . . .once again.  Its funny. . .I have only one job now and my CPA license so why is it that I don't have an abundance of time?  How did I do it all before???  Has my time management gotten worse?? Hmmmm have to think about this?
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