Sunday, April 15, 2012

Its over!

Well pretty much. Two days left of tax season but at this point what is done is done and what isn't . . . is going on extension. And I am returning back to audit mode and a life again!

And no studying this year!!! Yippee!!! My free time is my own again. . .well and Brooke's of course.

Finished this yesterday . . .very easy and would be a great Christmas gift project.

Luxe Cowl knitted per instructions from knittimo on ravelry. 1 skein of worsted weight Malabrigo, cast on 96 stitches on a size 10 24" circular needle (join in round) and work a k4, p4 ribbing until you have enough left to bind off JSSO method (you can look the JSSO up on Youtube). Easy and mindless!

Trying to decide what to start next.. . .think I want something mindless and challenging so that i have a choice depending on what I feel like. Just can't decide. . .hmmmmm????

On the running front, I am up to at least 16 miles per week but I will be stepping that up in the next few weeks as I get closer to the June 3rd deadline and I have more time to fit in some extra miles. I also fell in love with rowing at the gym during lunch this week. So three times a week I row 4.5 miles. . .its great! And so much fun! Although my husband now thinks I am going to row him around the lake this summer. ..I don't know about that. . . but I am really enjoying the rowing machine.

Well off to get some baking done and maybe a trip to the playground for some photos with Brooke today.
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