Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Cake

 Its been a while since I have attempted a large cake project but boy did I have fun with this. . .well up to the point of transporting.  Transporting is just not my thing. . .way too stressful!  But even so, I think it came out pretty good and everyone loved it.  So all the stress on the car ride over was worth it.
 This cake was for my cousin Fred who graduated from high school this past Saturday.  He's a big hunter so I made sure to order up some mossy oak frosting overlays just for this occasion.  They worked perfect.  A company out of Alabama makes them and you can order them online and have them in just a few days.  Absolutely Brilliant!!!
The cake was three layers of chocolate, white, and chocolate cake, filling included butter cream and mini chocolate chips . . .all from scratch of course.  I used the cake boss recipes found on Rachel Rays website.  His butter cream frosting recipe as well.  Which is absolutely fabulous. Although I added some almond to mine because I love the taste of almond butter cream.
Cookies are butter cookies found on the KAF website and then royal icing colored with food coloring.  The graduation cap was a small circle cake (three layers as well) covered with fondant and then a large square sugar cookie covered in fondant with a fondant tassel.  Really looking forward to the wedding cake I have to do in August . . and the best part is the wedding is just down the street from out house. . .love that kind of transport!

and of course little Miss B had a blast. . . .life of the party:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Come together

I was really not sure how this bag was going to turn out.  I knew I wanted something bold and unique because that's exactly what The Beatles were.   But I have to say this exceeded my expectations.  I really like it. . .its bold, bright, and just really fun!  Kind of sad its not for me.

The lucky recipient of this bag is a dear friends daughter.  Since she takes care of my daughter and we are very close with the entire family I really wanted to do something special for their oldest daughter who is off to Middlebury College in the fall and is graduating next weekend.  Being the liberal hippy that she is. . .she is a big fan of the 60's and absolutely loves The Beatles.

What could be better than peace, love, and rock and roll!  I really hope she loves this and proudly strolls Middlebury College with it on her shoulder.  I am very proud of that young lady, she is everything that I hope my daughter aspires to be someday.  She is kind, loving, intelligent, and most importantly motivated.  She has an amazing sense of empowerment and lets nothing stand in the way of reaching her dreams.  She is not afraid to sometimes take the more beaten path because she realizes that the beaten path will always have a better story than the easy road.

 We wish you the best of luck at Middlebury College!

Monday, June 4, 2012

13.1. . . I did it!

Extremely excited that I was able to complete my first 1/2 marathon (Woodstock VT Covered Bridge Half Marathon) yesterday and in a good time to boot! 

I started training this winter and was doing great until I got sick just two weeks ago so I was quite nervous going into the race yesterday.  The last long run I had done was two weeks prior and the most I could get in was a few 3 mile runs. . .However, the day was cool and perfect and I timed my GU packets/water just right. . .pulled it off in 2:00:31.  It was just a good run. . .felt great. . .couldn't have asked for a better day.  I really thought I would have to walk some of it but I didn't!  Ran the entire 13.1 miles! Woohoo!!!

My best friend and I just after coming across the finish line . .she was just in front of me. . .can't believe I kept up with her.  

Feeling it today though. . .guess I am in recovery for a few days before I run again. . .but it was worth it.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby bumper complete and just in time

Well I got the baby bumper completed. . . and just in the nick of time too!  Welcome baby Emma Reese . . .we can't wait to meet you!  Everyone is doing well and healthy.

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed making this.  The pattern is written pretty well although I watched my friend Julie make mine already so I pretty much knew the sequence of events and I did leave out the pockets.  Not because they were difficult but for the fact that I really didn't like them and this fabric was not sturdy enough to make them work.

I also added some dark brown piping along the top and bottom of each bumper which I thought added a nice sharp edge to each bumper.  In doing this I had to cut 1/4 inch off from each long side to account for the 1/2 inch seam that I was now going to make a 1/4 inch seam.   Kind of a pain because I forgot to do this to one and had to take it out but the result was worth the extra hassle.

I just love the pattern my sister picked out.  It is completely her style and so cute.  I still have the tie quilt to make but that will not take long.  I made Brooke's myself and I remember that being very simple.  I will have to finish that up after June. . .have a graduation bag to make this weekend and a cake to make next weekend.  Going to be a busy June for sure.

I suppose I should get this out in the mail today before she is suddenly 18.  Its amazing how fast it all goes by. . .I still can't believe Brooke is 2!

Speaking of which. . .look at this big girl. . .oh my gosh!  She just makes my heart melt.  She is so sweet and so amazingly brilliant that it scares me.  I actually took out the paperwork yesterday afternoon to start her education investment plan. . .I think we are going to need it.  She is absolutely amazing for her age.  How lucky we are :)

So what is next?


Well Saturday I am working on the Amy Butler Birdie Sling for a graduation gift.  She loves the Beatles so I have a Beatles theme going on for this bag.


Still working on Brooke's mini paintbox log cabin blanket.  Almost done. . .working on the boarder.  Getting the itch to start something else though.

And Sunday I am running in my first half-marathon.  Very nervous. . .haven't ran much in the past two weeks.  My allergies and a head cold knocked me out right after I finished an 8 mile run a couple weekends ago and I just have not been able to breath.  I was completely out for one full week and then last week I ran about 3 times . . .oh well I am still going to do it and hopefully I will not have to walk most of it.  Good news is that it is suppose to be cool this weekend which is the best weather for me to run in. . .hooray!
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