Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where have I been?

Where have I been? . . . for the past month and a half? Well I have been sick every day all day, moody, tired all the time, irrational to the point of scaring my husband I think . . .yes I am pregnant. . .not going off the deep end . . there is a legitimate excuse for my behavior. I am ten weeks along and due May 13th . . our plan worked too. . .just after tax season and back for College audit season! Woohoo!

Although I am still quite early everything seems to be going well I have all the symptoms in the book. We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat on Friday which was very exciting! He literally touched the device to my stomach and there the heartbeat was. . .no search involved at all. . .and it sounded very strong! Everything looks great! We are thrilled since we have been a little nervous since it is quite early but after hearing a heartbeat it really feels real.

I have also been stewing . . .trying to decide where to deliver. The two runners are Dartmouth or Bennington. Rutland is so out. I just don't feel safe there for various reasons and I want to feel safe and happy and I want the best. My plan is to tour both facilities, I like the idea of water birth and or water labor which to me seem relaxing for both the mom and the baby. Both hospitals have these options so I am going to tour both sites before making my decision. Unfortunately I have to switch from my obgyn which I have had for years but I if that is what I have to do so be it.

Now my crafting. . .

this is it. . .I haven't knitted in weeks. . .haven't sewn, haven't scrapped, haven't stamped. Just haven't had the desire . . .I have been glued to the couch with my preggie pops and water.

Thankfully the first trimester is almost over and I am starting to feel more ambitious these days. I actually put all the laundry away this weekend and did some much needed cleaning. Good thing there is only two of us and we don't generate that much dirt.

Itunes users . . .just beware to make sure your account is not set up to your bank account. I have had my account for years. . and i love itunes but someone hacked into my e-mail, got itunes to send an e-mail to change my password, changed my password and my e-mail notification and charged $420 in songs to my account. Thankfully I noticed it and shut them down before they drained our checking and savings. . .but now I am out $420 for a while. Make sure you have your account set to a credit card since these are monitored more heavily by the credit card companies and if it does happen you don't get stuck waiting to get your money back. Its a pain . . trust me!

Well that's all for now. . .off to make my little sweet pea some lunch and maybe just knit something today . . . .can't wait until I have a sex to knit for. I am very board with unisex stuff!

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