Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Hobbies

With all of the hobbies and responsibilities I currently have. . .why add another?

Well. . . I have wanted to sew for a while now. Purchasing a machine has really been the only thing standing in my way. Do I make the initial investment or borrow one? Or get a used one? I was also really scared because I know how I can get sucked in so fast!

I have so much yarn that I could literally not leave my house for an entire year and still not open the last bin.

This is getting a little over whelming . . .not to mention ridiculous . . . so I have made a promise to myself to take one sewing project at a time. . . .not to mention a yarn diet.

With that agreement in my head I went to Williston last Saturday for my regulation exam (CPA) . . .after 3 hours of mental strain plus being finger printed and monitored like I was a criminal! Seriously people. . .so not worth the effort to cheat. . .just learn the material! I drove over to Strawberry & Rhubarb to pick up my new Bernina sewing machine.

Great shop, the owner is fabulous and the store is very inspiring! Very big on my list . . .if I don't want to buy everything. . .then something is wrong. . .very wrong. I basically wanted everything!

Project #1 - Pillows for the couch

Joel has been complaining for months about couch pillow. . .this is mostly because I threw out the pillows we had at the apartment before we moved. They were way past their expiration date!
So with that in mind I purchased some Moda fabric - called "twiggy" (so us) and some chocolate brown fabric for the back.

and I spent all day Sunday creating these

Project #2 - Baby Quilt

Here is the pattern. . . .but I am using the "twiggy" collection. This is free on really great site with some very useful tips.

I ordered a Jelly Roll from fat quarter shop online which will give me enough to do the squares plus I have all the left over from the pillows. This is going to be so cute! I can't wait.

Hope to have some progress soon! ttfn

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