Sunday, February 1, 2015

Construction in progress

Brooke and I started a new project this weekend.  And a very exciting one at that.  About 6 months or so ago someone was very kind and gave us an unfinished doll house that they had once started but never got around to finishing.  Well we said heck ya!  But then got busy this summer with our own home repairs and just never got to it.  

Well Brooke is going on 5 in a few months and I started thinking . . .you know you better get to this doll house or you'll be passing it on to someone else in the same state you received it in.  

The structure is very cute.  Its a 1990's model I think from the look of the girl on the box but I think we can modernize it with some newer colors and some modern wall paper.  I have tons of great prints in my scrapbooking paper that will work perfectly.

We both decided that the first thing to go was the color. . .mint green is just not our taste and I told Brooke that she could pick the color.  And I think she went with a good choice too.  The girl really does have good taste.

So bye-bye mint green paint. . .on to some primer.  

One coat of primer. . .looks better already doesn't it!

And now for the second coat. . . .looks good white . . .can't wait to see when its painted (????).

That will have to be a surprise  . . .

Can't wait to start decorating. . .picking out wall paper and flooring. . .so much fun!

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