Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy little Bee

I just can't believe its March already! Wow! Good news is that tax season is almost over. . .bad news is that its going to get really busy before the end. I actually spent 12 hours in the office working on tax work yesterday. Big ugh! But I did skip out around 3:30 to squeeze in a 4 mile run. Which felt amazing and gave me the energy I needed to keep going when I got back.

An yes I am still on the run wagon. I actually signed up for a 1/2 marathon in June so its kicked my motivation into high gear. No one wants to look like a fool on race day. . .especially for 13.1 miles! I will not be able to get in a lot of run time until after April 15th but I can build up some mileage and then hit it harder after. I was up to 7 1/2 miles last year so I think I can do it and since my husband the 50k runner says I can. . .I know I can!

On the knitting front I finished my Topiary scarf today. Pattern by Michele Wang and the yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. Very happy with the length and width of this scarf. It gives you enough scarf to fold in half and loop which is my preference when wearing a scarf.

Pattern was easy to read and can be made into a medium or large wrap as well. Yarn of course is soft with perfect flex of color that any tweed fan craves for. Two thumbs up!!

In the baking world, I bought a jumbo muffin pan to try out some muffin recipes this weekend. Tried a Butter Rum recipe for my husband which neither one of us really cared for the flavor but loved the texture and look of the muffin. Not a lot of Butter Rum muffin recipes out there either. Will have to keep looking.

Also tried a lemon poppy seed muffin from which is amazing. . . .I think I am in love! Wow!! Soft and tangy with a hint of vanilla yogurt. Oh just dreamy. I did use lemon juice and zest from a meyer lemon and I used vanilla Greek yogurt. They are perfect!

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