Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas gift prep: Week 1

Week 1 of Christmas gift prep.  This week I chose to stick with something easy since my work week was busy and my husband was also out of town for work.  Oliver +S pajama bottom pattern from the Bedtime Story pattern was a perfect choice.  Consists of three pattern pieces and I can put one together is an evening . . probably two in an evening once I have the pattern down.

 The first pair I made from some clearance flannel from Joann's.  Cute but hard to photograph.  The pattern is very busy and I had a hard time getting the focus right.  The photo is still blurry and I tried several didn't ways with several didn't setting and this was the best I could get.  Now when I made the first pair I didn't surge anything but I did with the second pair and will from now on.  I really like the surged finish.

  Really like this pair.  I surged the edges, changed the cuffs and this flannel is softer and drapes better.

 The second pair I did the bottom cuffs in a different flannel from a fat quarter I got last year in CT. 

 I would have done the waist band too but I couldn't get the band unless I pieced the fabric together which I just didn't feel like doing.

The second project I started this week was the felt food for Brooke's kitchen.  I have several patterns to get done before Christmas.  I am trying to squeeze at least one or two of these felt projects in a week.  

This one was pretty easy to make using a CD as a pattern and then beads for sprinkles.  I really like the felt . . .much better than plastic.  Not bad for a busy week one . . .this week could be good or bad. . .with Hurricane Sandy on the way I could be stuck at home without power or I could be slammed at work . . .hard to tell.  Just going with the flow.

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