Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some progress this week. . .but not as much as I would like

Well I have some progress this week. . .but really not as much as I would have liked to have done. If I only didn't have to sleep! I could get so much done. I am studying for my CPA exam . . .which I booked over xmas for February 28th (so it is final now) and I just went back to the gym. Two things that are very important but yet another thing to my massive list of duties. If I didn't go back to the gym. . .I will never make it through tax season. . the stress would build up so bad I would burst.

Cambridge vest. . ..

This came out very nice and I am really happy with it. Looks great with a dress shirt and pants. I wore it to work and got many complements . . .and most people think it is store bought. That is always a nice complement.

Then after an hour of deliberating on what to start next I decided to try the Habitat hat by Jared Flood.
Note, I placed markers at the end of each pattern repeat. . .there is 5 of them. This just makes it easier to focus when you are trying to multi-task . . .something I do all the time. There are many cables in this pattern . . .which I love but it does require a little mental attention. This is made using Debbie Bliss luxury tweed purchased at Green Mountain Fibers in Rutland.

Katie came over and I finally took a couple quick snap shots of her in the sifting sands scarf that I made for her for xmas. This pattern is available for free. . . check it out on ravelry. Made from malabrigo which I purchased at webs ( Green Mountain Fibers just purchased some punta yarn that is very similar and I am dieing to know how that will look in this pattern.

Katie loves it. . .it is soft and purple. . .what more could she ask for.
The dining room is coming together. . .Joel just finished the sanding yesterday (8 hours worth). I will spend a few hours today washing the dust from the walls so we can prime next weekend. Dining room table. . .ya that is still in the box. Grrrrrr. . .I so wanted to paint this weekend. . .again the time thing.

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jessie said...

Great vest and scarf. I am with you on the exercise thing. With my new schedule it's not as easy to get to the gym but I keep trying to find time. It's better to NEED to exercise than it is to feel you HAVE to, because you never have to worry about not doing it! (Does that make sense? No coffee in me yet.)

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