Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Step 2 & 3

Steps 2 & 3 now complete. . .hooray! Big stress off my plate. But I had to call in for reinforcements. . .I was in waaaaaay over my head. Thankfully Julie was there to save the day and put most of this together for me. Directions are written assuming you know a lot of sewing knowledge and cutting the large pieces . . .that would have put me right over the edge. . especially with my back bothering me. Its extremely frustrating to try to cut fabric when your back hurts and you move the fabric with your belly every time you lean over the table! So annoying!

Thankfully I waved my little white flag and Julie stepped up to the plate. There is no way I would have got all this done by myself in the middle of tax season. . .just no way! I sent her home with the crib skirt and I am working on the quilt. And I can finish my bibs! Just like me. . .buy 40 projects in advance! Could be worse habits though!

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