Thursday, April 1, 2010

6 more weeks!

Only 6 more weeks. . .more or less. . never can tell. Tell that to my swollen feet! Love this dress its so cute! Made from Rowan 4ply soft (3.5 skeins). Changed from a ribbon tie to a button tie and just crocheted a loop in the back for a closure. I just couldn't find ribbon to match and I don't have time for shopping outside of Rutland right now. . .Rutland just have horrible shopping for the most part. We have a fabulous yarn shop but that is it!

I have a pink simple debbie bliss sweater almost finished and a sublime sweater I just started. Oh ya and I still have the quilt to finish and bibs and toys . . .good thing tax season is almost over. . .getting down to the wire!

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