Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Our first holiday with our little pumpkin. Such a fun time . . .and busy time. This Christmas is definitely going to be a blast . . .and a challenge at the same time . . . how do I get all those gifts done with some one tugging at my ankles?

Working on a lot of sewn Christmas gifts this year. . .I learned to put in a zipper a few weeks ago and now I am on a sewing bag fetish. Especially since it uses up a lot of my scraps from Brooke's crib bedding.

Sorry for the bad iPhone photo. A quick little change purse that I whipped up. . .takes just an hour. Great since my daughter is not a napper. . .you get a hour once a day if you are lucky. . .but hey. .at least she sleeps through the night!

This weekend we get the tree and I am not quite sure how this is going to go with a little carpet creeper around. .especially after I wrapped lights around her for a Christmas photo. . .I could regret that move . . .even if it is too cute for words.

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