Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before and After

A very productive day yesterday. Started out with a 7 mile run with my best friend down the rail trail from Castleton to Poultney. Great run. . felt fabulous and had no trouble finishing. Feel it a little today but not bad . .the good kind of hurt.

Spent the late morning and afternoon studying for the next section of the CPA exam (BEC) while my husband and daughter were off watching the triathlon in Burlington. Studying went well. . got some terms to cram in my head but so far its actually quite interesting. (sick as that may be to some)

Then in the afternoon I quickly whipped together some curtains for my kitchen window. Nothing fancy since we plan to sell the house next spring and move to Rutland so that we can spend more time with Brooke outside the car. Last weekend I purchased some inexpensive fabric from Jo-Ann's with my coupon and within 1.5 hours I had something I was happy with.

1 yard of fabric
1/2 inch hems on all 4 sides
2 inch rod hem one of the longest sides


Well I like it anyway:) Not a good picture but this lightening in my kitchen is hard to play with for photos. . .I tried every which way and could not get a clear photo . ..lights off . . .too dark. . .lights on too blurry. . .I gave up.

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