Sunday, November 20, 2011

Completed Cowl

A finished project! In all this craziness that is my life I am surprised I can finish anything these days. Hunting season is in full force which makes my life a living nightmare not to mention making me as ugly as a bear woken in the middle of hibernation. Especially this year with all the added work stress, CPA exam stress, and Brooke being at the age where she is into everything and pushing my every button. Oh how I can't wait for the new year. . .even though it will be the start of tax season . . .the exam will hopefully be over, I will not be doing any bookkeeping duties and more . ..and hunting season will be OVER!

Sorry, . . . .back to the happy place. The Chickadee Cowl really came out nice I think. Really bummed I have to give it away but it was a fun knit so I can make one for myself. Love this colors. . .especially the white alpaca which has a nice fuzzy softness that adds a nice elegance to the piece.

And the stitch . . .looks almost woven doesn't it. An enjoyable and recommended knit.

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