Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cables and Cowls

Well its now almost one week post exam number three and I am finally getting over the head cold that developed right before the exam. I thought for sure I would getting up every five minutes to blow my nose during the exam or rescheduling . . .but thankfully it gave me a small break to take my exam. The following week it revisited to knock me around again for good measure . . .I guess?

The exam I hope went well. I never have a good feeling walking out of there because there is so much that goes into the grading of that exam and you just never know. Hopefully all the hard work I have been putting in will pay off this time just like the last two and I will only have one more left to take in January. Then I can have my life back again.

This weekend thankfully was a three day weekend which allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep and lounge time. Brooke and I decided to spend the weekend in . . .resting, cuddling, knitting, sewing, baking, and watching a lot of Mikey Mouse and Elmo . . .awe . . good weekend!

Last week I did manage to finish a quick hat for Brooke out of some left over Debbie Bliss scraps. Used 110 stitch cast on, completed a rolled edge and then set up a 10 stitch cable pattern that I altered between a 7 row color change.

It was quick but not brainless and matches perfectly with her jacket. She likes it and is actually pretty good about keeping it on if you ask nicely.

This hat reminded me of all the planning homemade gifts that I need to start working on. Below is a cowl I started the night of the exam in my hotel room to relax before going to bed. Pattern is the Chickadee cowl but it has been altered per the instructions from yayayarn on Ravelry. I like it so much that I will probably have a hard time giving it away. Good thing its for a really close friend.

The stitch pattern is a knit one, slip one (wyif) on one row and slip one (wyif), knit one on the next row. Gives it a woven texture that is really elegant.

Still not sure I want to give this away???? I really like it!

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