Sunday, February 5, 2012

Resolution 1 complete!

New Years resolution #1 is complete. I got my final CPA exam score Friday. A pleasing 89! I am thrilled to pieces. Took me 8 months which is not bad considering that I have a little one running around and I work full time. Wasn't easy but I made it work. Thankfully my husband stepped up to the plate with helping watch miss B. I could not have done it without having someone pick up the slack in that area. I barely get enough sleep now. So now all I have to do is take a 4 hour ethical webinar, get my working experience documentation, and submit my application! It will be a few months before I have that little piece of paper and before I can put those three important letters after my name but its finally here!!!!

So onto resolution #2 . . .running. I really slacked this week. Just too much going on . . nerved up about getting my results . . .next week I am back on the wagon and setting a better plan. Really want to run a half by June but depends on how much tax season is going to suck the wind out of me. I really thinks its going to cut into my schedule a bit so I may have to push off the half a bit.

Resolution #3 - Cooking from scratch. Well my husband being the brilliant man his is got me a zojirushi bread machine for Christmas. Now I have never really been a fan of bread machines but this one is absolutely amazing and I use it at least several times a week now.

For me it allows me to make things that I don't have time to do in my busy schedule without losing the healthy from scratch option I want.

I am still learning but I did pull off some oat bread last week and some yummy raisin bread . . .yummm!

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