Sunday, January 29, 2012

The perfect water bottle

I have been trying to get myself to drink more water for years with no such luck. I hate leaving a cup around. . all the dust that gets in there and plastic bottles leave that plastic taste to your water. . .big yuck. Over the years I had purchased many plastic bottles . .all different brands and levels of BPA free. . .still that taste!

Until I discovered life factory water bottles. . .now I drink plenty of water . . my running has improved, my skin, my hair. . . water really makes a difference!

I discovered lifefactory bottles when I was pregnant with Brooke and I was looking for an alternative to plastic baby bottles. A friend recommended the brand and right away I fell in love with them.

Not only are they stylish but the water tastes soooo much better! Everything is dishwasher safe, they have a silicone sleeve to protect the glass if you drop it. And the best part is they now have a sports tops for runners!

The first one I purchased had a screw off wide top which I learned to get use to while sitting but trying to run on the treadmill and drink was impossible. I have a hard enough time sitting in a chair not spilling it all over me (apparently there is a hole in my lip somewhere that I am still searching for). So now at least I have a smaller top to work with. . .this I can actually work with without getting all over me.

Note: I only use this at the gym, I never run with water . slows me down and running with glass would be heavy and not recommended.

They have several differnt colors and even though pink is really not my typical color. . it reminds me of my daughter so I had to have pink. Pink is just her color and every time I look at it I think of her.

So if you haven't tried lifefactory water bottles . . .please do! They are a great company and sell a great product! I have enjoyed my first bottle for over a year now and my second one is even better. And it you are looking for an alternative to plastic baby bottle . . .I loved them as well and they now even have sippy tops to convert your old bottle to sippy cups. Now my daughter has her own water bottle to match mommy's:)

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