Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to crafting and sharing

Life can get super busy sometimes.  But then the craziness settles and the things that calm you always return.

Diagonal Lace Socks - from the book - Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson

I have been knitting this pair of socks for probably two months now.  Surprisingly I am not bored and will actually complete the pair.  Whew!  That second sock is usually a struggle for me.  Must be the new technique I think.  I have always knitted stocks from the top down and finally decided to give the toe up a try.

Yarn is Dream in color smooshy sock yarn - in strange harvest.
US 1 needle size
Knitted on two circular 16 inch needles

Looking forward to wearing these this fall with my riding boots :)

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