Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gobble Gobble and some chill in the air. . .

This Pancake Sunday is just before Thanksgiving . . .had to break out a turkey pancake.  Went to Pinterest looking for shape ideas and I found one and tweaked it to my own style.  Four pancake colors involved.  Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown.  Make sure to have two small chocolate chips for the eyes.

Start out with a round pancake in the brown and three red feather pancakes. 

Then add three orange feathers.  

And two yellow feathers.

Next come the turkey feet and the neck and head (almost like a figure eight).  

Add a carrot shaped pancake nose and a red wattle (kind of looks like an extended tear drop)
Two tiny chocolate chips and you have got yourself a gobbler!

Gobble Gobble!

Its been getting chilly in Vermont this week . . .so I have been experimenting with kid fleece patterns.  Can't wait until the hat is done. . .hoping for some quick Christmas gift presents. 

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