Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never know what you will find . .

in old houses . . . although stripping wallpaper is never fun. . .seeing what's underneath is always interesting.

Now that the porch is painted we shifted gears to the kitchen. Remember the ugly yellow and blue striped wallpaper with flowers? Well now we get to spend a week looking at this . . .

Doesn't that just look smashing with the baby blue! Don't worry. . .those are going soon. My favorite home improvement store Nail It Down is mixing me up a very nice mustard yellow and once that is done those cabinets are turning butter cream. The kitchen will make you hungry just by looking at it.

I also think the yellow will bring out the stainless steel appliances that we are acquiring one by one. Like the refrigerator. . .sorry stove. . you'll have to wait a little while :( But I love this refrigerator. . having the freezer on the bottom is really the way to go. . .and the double doors and all the temp controls. . .just amazing.

So we accomplished this all this morning. Yesterday I spent the day entertaining friends with a Stampin' up workshop . . .lots of fun. . .I even got out my kits to go from Trena and worked on them last night and early this morning (up at 4 am. . .couldn't sleep).

So cute! Just a few more to go. Well that is all. . .I am wiped! ttfn.

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