Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slow improvements

Slowly we are making our way to completing those summer home improvement projects. I finished the trim in the living room this weekend. Joel got the porch primed and we started painting. Unfortunately the weather has intervened with that today but it looks great so far.When we first bought this house I really wished the porch was bigger . . but now that I am painting it. . .I am really glad that it doesn't wrap around the house. Painting it yourself can really change your perspective. Barley isn't much help with painting but she is great at scraping . . . .
And now that the living room trim is complete. . .the next project is the kitchen. The wallpaper is so not me. I have picked out a nice mustard seed yellow to replace this. . .
and for now I am painting the cabinets a cream color until we can save enough money to replace them all. I might change the hardware to a polished nickel too. At least that will give them a face lift.

We are suppose to buy a new stove next month (I have been holding out until the tax holiday - which is the 22nd for purchases under $2000). But now the refrigerator is giving us a hard time so we might be replacing that instead. We shall see. .it is kind of on life support right now and things are not looking good :( Either way one by one. . .they will all be replaced to stainless steel to someday go with the cherry cabinet plans I have.

On the knitting front. I am almost finished with the top down raglan that I started last week. . .very quick and mindless. I just need to find buttons, block it, and take photos. I also started a seed stitch hoodie out of superwash cascade 220. . need to take some photos of that also. Love the color! Well off to have lunch, clean up, then work for a little while. ttfn

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yarnsticks said...

The porch is looking great! I have to paint my mini-porch... maybe a fall project, with the way the summer is going.

Thanks for the reminder on the tax holiday. I better put that on my calendar.

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