Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall . . .my favorite time of year :)

We went on our first of two annual apple picking trips last weekend.  We always go to Douglas Orchards in Shoreham, VT.  Had a great time this year!  Brooke is another year older and we can actually pick apples with her and not worry as much as we did last year.  She listens much better and really likes to help and mimic everything we do.  It's so cute and fun. 

 We are sporting some piggy tails this year too.  Although keeping them in her hair is a challenge.  At this point during the day, it was my third attempt at keeping them in.  She is fast too. . .I put them in and turn around and the next thing I hear is . . ."mama look I have two hair ties". . .ugh again!

 Now the trick this year is getting her to pick the apple's from the trees and get them into the bag without sampling each one.
 We love apples!
 Nothing like a bag of Vermont Mac's.  And even though we are about 15 minutes from Hick's Orchard in NY . . .we have a rule in our house. . .no out of state maple syrup or apples. . .Flewelling rule!
 My handy helper!
 And my two photo hams:)


 Our traditional pumpkin/tractor shots. . we have done these every year since she was born.

And of course Apple Pie!!!!

 Dough recipe - from the back of King Arthur's perfect pastry flour and the inside recipe from King Arthur's Favorite Apple Pie recipe via King Arthur's all purpose baking cookbook.
 and it was good:) - need to bake another pie this weekend.

And finally. . .fall knitting is in full progress.  My Rowan Tweed Honesty sweater is coming along nicely.   I love the colors and the pattern is challenging enough where I have to pay attention a bit but not too much.  Just the right amount.  I have another 10 cm until the back is finished.  I am loving knitting from my stash . . .feels good to use some of this yarn that has been sitting around for years.  

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