Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Pink Snowboarding Hat

Someone has really taking a liking to snowboarding this past week.  Lucky for her our childcare includes a few expert snowboarders with connections to a Vermont ski area.  

And we also got dumped on this week which has been great since she loves the snow and she finally gets to use the snowsuit that I purchased last year when it just wouldn't snow.  Could she be any happier? 

So on my agenda this week was knitting up a warm snowboarding hat with ear flaps to keep those cute ears snugly warm.  I did happen to have two skeins of Rowan big wool in my stash that I was not sure what to do with.   So I set out to find a pattern I could tweak to my liking.  Rowan big wool is a bulky weight yarn and I did find the "Teo Hat" on ravelry which is a free pattern.  I used that as a guide to start out the ear flaps and cast on the brim of the hat (except I added 4 additional stitches to the brim just to give me enough room). 

When I got to the point of decreasing (which I kept trying on her head until it looked right to me) I k2tog every 4 stitches, then knit two rounds, then k2tog every 3 stitches, knit one round, k2tog every two stitches, knit one round, then k2tog around until I had 6 stitches to close.  I then cut 9 long strips of yarn (1 for each ear flap and one for the top) and used a darning needle to feed them through half way so I ended up with 6 strands that I could use to braid and knot at the end.  Don't forget to trim the ends.  

She loved it!!!. . .took me one evening to pull together.  It also only took one skein so the other I can use for a scarf.  Next on the list!

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