Sunday, June 9, 2013

RB#2 - A scrappy skirt & play dough

I am excited to say that it is June 9th and I have at least one runway Brooke item done!  Woohoo!  And even though it is only a skirt. . .it is something!  Especially with the half marathon last weekend.  This weekend was the first time I have even made it to my craft room all week.

This morning I spent it making curtains for my kitchen and (I am embarrassed to say this) but camouflage curtains for my husbands hunting/fishing room.  Never did I see myself sewing camouflage curtains . . .but hey, sometimes you have to do the nice wife things to keep peace in the house.  

The skirt pattern is from the Skirt As Top tutorial.  The only change I made was to take out the middle strip.  This tutorial is easy to follow and a great basic skirt.  I will definitely be pulling this tutorial out over the next few years to use up scraps and to make Brooke many many skirts.  Fabric is leftover Amy Butler Lotus that I purchased to make my Birdie Sling Bag a few years ago.

This look is the Henry Hugglemonster face.  Just in case you didn't recognize the look.  It's the happy ROAR since we LOVED our new skirt.  I wish I could have gotten some better photos but the weather this week has been awful . . .rain rain rain!  And what little sunshine we have had, has been while I have been at the office.  Figures :(

Today Brooke and I made play dough again.  I really really like this recipe.  Its easy and has a really great consistency.  it also doesn't dry up as fast as store bought play dough.  You can find the recipe here:  Play Dough

I cut the recipe in half so that I can fit it into small ziploc containers.  Keep them in these and they wills stay fresh and can be reused for a while.  The last time I made her play dough was the beginning of the fall I believe.  Its been a while I know that.

Just adding some food coloring you can get such vibrant colors (way better than store bought play dough).  And its so cheap and quick to make.  Now I am not against store bought play dough (apparently there are a lot of parents out there that will not allow play dough anywhere near their children . . .I have no idea why or what the story or the warning is . .to each their own) but I do like to make things from scratch and save money.  So two thumbs up on meeting those goals!

Look at that red!  All I can think about is the very hungry caterpillar when I see the red and green.  So vibrant!

It was a great way to spend a Sunday together.  We made pancakes (Pancake Sunday is big at our house!), cookies, bread, and then play dough!

Trying to decide what is on our agenda for tomorrow.  Yes. . .I know. . .its Monday.  But  my office recently decided to try a 4 day work week so we have 3 day weekends for the rest of the summer.  We are still open 5 days a week but some of us have Friday's and some have Monday's.   Your 4 work days are also made up of 9 hour work days.

I have Mondays and tomorrow is the first day.  I am really excited! This will open up time for me to focus more at home and not spend most of my weekend cleaning.  I am an early riser (between 4/5 am) so I will have plenty of time to get some projects completed before Brooke wakes up (she sleeps until 8:30/9 if you let her).

I think tomorrow I am going to do some sewing :)

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