Saturday, July 20, 2013

Runway Brooke - Lots and lots of SHORTS!!!

I am excited to say I have pulled of another project for Runway Brooke this month!  Actually, if you want to be technical. . .its 5!  I actually made 4 pairs of these shorts.  The pattern can be found here

If you don't already have this pattern in your library. . .I suggest adding it.  There are several sizes, its easy, there are many different style options, and it can be used for boys or girls.

Now because we are still in the mix of pull-up potty training for my 3 year old, I chose a size 4 to make sure there was plenty of pull-up room and so that I can get two years out of them rather than one.  I also chose the flat front elastic shorts.  These are flat in the front with an elastic gather in the back.  I did not put buttons on these but will for the next pair I have in mind.  Dress them up a little bit.

Plus my daughter is very tall, everyone thinks she is much much older.  But no, she is just going to be a tall bean just like mom.

The fabric is left over Kaufman corduroy scraps I used to make Brooke a dress a few years ago.  As always I buy a little extra . . .so glad I did!  These shorts were a great stash buster for me.  Every pair of shorts was made from left over fabric!  How cool is that!!!

I am so excited about these shorts. . .I am going to say it again!  These shorts are just perfect!  Really, no joke!  The pattern is well written, simple, . . .so simple that I made 4 pairs in one day!  One day!

Owl shorts - #1

Cherry shorts - #2

Tree love shorts - #3

Papa Camou shorts - #4

She loves them. . .and has worn them all.  Hence why some are wrinkled (fresh out of the wash).  Her response was - "I love them!  Mama you make me some shirts?"

Guess shirts are next!

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