Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Doll Blanket

We have finally reached the beginning of the serious baby doll stage.  Now we have had a few babies over the past two years but in the past few months I have really started to notice a serious interest in taking care of those babies along with mimicking the natures of motherhood.

With that, I sent out to find her her first baby cradle.  I checked at Michaels and Joann's hoping for a raw wooden cradle that I could paint but ended up coming home empty handed.  Then while having a conversation with my mom over the phone I happened to mention it.  She amazingly had just found one while cleaning out the garage that she came across somewhere over the years and was about to put it in a yard sale.  

So a few weeks later it arrived in the mail from TN.  It was finished wood with a vine stenciled on one side and the initials of the woodsmen who handcrafted it on the bottom.  Ya!  Handmade. . . how lucky is that!

I was thrilled to no end and it was exactly how I picture it. . .with one exception.  I wanted white.  So off to the paint store I went for one of the small sample cans to bring home.  A couple of days later and several coats of paint later . . .and perfection was reached.  Just as I envisioned!

Well except that is was now missing a knitted blanket. . .

Ok off to the yarn odd ball bin. . .yes I had 6 skeins of left over Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino!  Woohoo!


Cash on 102 stitches on to a size 3 needle
Knit 8 rows (garter stitch)

Basket weave pattern set up:

K5, (P4, K4), across until 5 stitches remain, K5.

continue in the basket weave pattern for a total of 7 rows and then begin next row as follows:

K5, (K4, P4), across until 5 stitches remain, K5

continue in the basket weave pattern for a total of another 7 rows and then switch colors.

Repeat color change a total of 13 times (starting and ending with the same color) .  Remember to knit 8 row of garter at the end before binding off.

Simple, great use of scrap yarn.

Now. . .it needs bedding, a pillow, a pillow case, and a quilt. . . .oh am I in for it!

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