Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home Improvements . . . .

Although I may not have accomplished anything craft wise this weekend I did get one home improvement project out of my way. . . painting the laundry room!!!  This has been on my list since I discovered that you could paint veneer paneling and actually have it look nice.  Who would have thought.  Originally, I had long-term plans to tear it down (but something else always takes priority)  but then a very wise friend suggested that I paint it.  

Well this weekend was my opportunity. . .Brooke was camping with my husband as a special Papa/Daughter camping trip . . and Barley too.  . . so Friday night I ran 3 miles and then came back and cleaned everything out into the living room.  About 11 pm I hit the pillow but was up at 5 am Saturday morning to start painting. . . .well I finished the cut in "color" at 1 am Sunday morning (ya pretty much ALL day) . . .slept until 7 am and then got up to roll color on.  But I had everything dry and back in place by 1pm Sunday afternoon.   

Needless to say. . there was no long run for me this weekend and I took a nap (and I never nap).  But the result was so worth it.  I am happy!      

Three coats of primer . . . two coats of primer/paint and. . . .

Ta Da!

I really like it!  I like the texture on the wall and the savings in my bank!
Now all I need is new curtains and blinds and its done.  Just a nice refresh.
I also did the same thing for my craft room in blue.

Now if I can just get my husband to put up the new blinds and this beautiful picture of Brooke on the wall I will be ready to take on my list of back logged projects!

Have to see my inspiration on the wall as I walk into the room :)

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