Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watermelon dress and Blithe continues

A special request has been made for a watermelon dress.  That's right. . .I now get requests!  Very exciting!  We had to go right to the fabric store to look for watermelon fabric too!  This is serious!  The pressure is on!

I chose the Geranium Dress by Rae over at Made by Rae.  The pattern so far is very well written.  I have found this to be true for all of the patterns I have purchased from Rae.  She really knows her stuff and I try to absorb as much as I can because I know it will pay off later.

I am hoping to have this completed this weekend since I will be home for a change.  Unfortunately I didn't get much done while on vacation.  I spent the first part putting my craft room back together after painting it.  It looks fabulous by the way.  I will post photos once the blinds have been put up and the picture I had framed gets hung in place.  Something I usually don't do myself . . .but if it doesn't get done in the next week . . .I may have to take this job on myself too.

Brooke and I had a great time during vacation though.  It was just the two of us since my husband had to work that week.   Her and I beach bummed it big time.

  This is the photo I framed for my craft room.  I absolutely love it!  

We really had a great time!  
Glad I wasn't too productive!

I am also still chugging away on Blithe.  Almost have the front done.  The back should be quick since there is no rib pattern to follow and the sleeves are are very short shoulder sleeves.  I think I might have it done for the fall . . .perfect with a jacket in the morning and warm afternoons :)

Can't believe its almost fall. . .almost time again for riding boots, sweaters, apple picking, Rhinebeck, and fall Running!!! Love fall running!!!

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