Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Valia and Blithe

Its been a long time since the last completed sweater project.  This sweater, I sheepishly admit has been on the needles in a bin for two years. . .bad bad bad.  I finally decided to finish it when cleaning out my craft room for painting.  There are just way too many unfinished and planned projects in there.  I needed a regroup.  So I have set out on a mission that I go from bin to bin and pull out project . . .I either knit it or get rid of it!  It has to go!

So to start i ripped out Valia (pattern here) all the way to the beginning.  I just could not figure out where I left off.  I actually think that is why it kept getting stuffed back in the bin.  But I am serious about this mission so I took a breath and started ripping and began reknitting.  Inch by inch I got through the knitted yarn and to fresh yarn.  It felt great!

The yarn is Malabrigo in burgandy.  All of the yarn is from the same dye lot, however one skein was a little darker and one of my sleeves is darker than the other (left sleeve).  I didn't notice (mostly knit at night) until I took the photos.  Oh well. . .gives a little character right :)

I really enjoyed the pattern.  The lace work is eye pleasing but not overly complicated.  I also like the long turtleneck at the top.  I am a huge fan of cozy turtleneck sweaters.  It gets cold here in the winter and especially in my old breezy house.

I am hoping I can take some photos outside in the fall with the bright autumn leaves.  This color will look perfect . . .maybe my apple picking sweater???

So with Valia complete . . I reached into the bin and out came Blithe!  Once again. . . . RIP RIP RIP!  I will say. . .the rework is coming along nicely!


Jen said...

Lovely sweater! It must feel great knowing it's done!

Gwen said...

Thank you! I am . . .that one has been sitting around a long long time!

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