Sunday, November 17, 2013

As deer season begins I find I am already behind

This Pancake Sunday started off the beginning of deer season.  One brown deer shaped head to start off.  Some plain pancake antlers, marshmallow eyes and chocolate chips for the nose and mini chips for the eyes.  She specifically requested that there be LOTS of marshmallow today so I cut some mini marshmallows in half and used them as falling snow for deer tracking :)

I would have more detailed photos but someone was STARVING this morning.

Last week I missed posting a Sunflower pancake

the center is a brown pancake with chocolate sprinkles and mini chocolate chips.  The outer edge is large chocolate chips.

The week prior to that was even better:

I pulled out my duck cookie cutter . . .cut one out of brown, one out of green, then cut off the parts I needed.  the while is a slice of marshmallow.  and the cattails are all pancake (made with a condiments container since it has a finer tip for drawing).  The ducks nose is a carrot.

She LOVED this one!!!

Been doing really well on the crafting front. . .not so good on the photo/blogging front.  Have quite a few things to photograph.  Just need to be home at the right time for good lighting.

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