Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a Croc!

There has been an invasion of crocodiles in my house this past week.

I asked Brooke what she wanted to be for Halloween.  
For the first time I actually got an answer!
So of course I had to put on my game face and step up to the challenge!

I searched online and on pinterest looking for a pattern.  Found a great one too.   
See here - Crocodile Pattern 
Followed her alterations for the head except my croc nose is a little longer and I made ties instead of velcro for under the chin.  If I did anything different I would definitely shorten the nose.  It pulls the hood down after a while.   I sometimes get too involved in making it look real that I forget about making it practical.  

She loves it though. . .Chomp Chomp!

I also made her a little matching basket from the scraps using the nesting bowls pattern here.  
Just use the basket guide within the pattern. 

When deciding on fleece I went with pill resistant fleece from Joann's.  Price is not bad (especially with a coupon and it gives it a better quality look I think).  Reminds me of the ones you see in the stores.

Definitely glad I went with the fleece.  It was freezing at the Halloween parade this year.  We had two layers under the fleece and she was still cold.  Hoping it will be better for Halloween on Thursday. 

One cute Croc!

And she is fast!  Even with that big head . . .she could chase me all over the yard chomping away. 

Until she ran out of energy . . .then it was off to the parade to find some candy.
Love that tail!

We also had a Croc come for breakfast last Pancake Sunday:)
(was so busy making this costume that I didn't have time to post)

Start out with one batch of simply perfect pancakes here
Split into two bowls

 Add green food coloring.  1 drop to one and 3 drops to the other

Mix up well

Place into empty condiment jars 

Prep your dressings.  1 large marshmallow cut in half.  And two large chocolate chips. 
(all for the croc eyes)

Take another large marshmallow and slice into little teeth for you hungry croc.

With your two greens; I started with drawing the bottom jaw then went in with the dark green to draw the top jaw and the head with eyes.  It took me two attempts to get this just right.  

Once done I arranged them on a plate for decorating.

Add your marshmallow eyes.

and chocolate chips!

Then finally those chomping teeth!

One hungry Croc!

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