Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot Days!

This week was full of exhausting hot days! I just drives me bonkers. . .Barely too. . the poor thing. She was sick at daycare. . .heat exhaustion. . .she must get that from me. I get extremely ill when its hot. We take her to Happy Paws Daycare in Castleton during the week while we are at work. She just loves it. . and they are very good to her. They have done very well too. . they now have a bus that goes into Rutland and picks up other dogs. . "Happy Paws Doggy Bus" . . .I love it. . it is so cute and funny! Check out the bus!

We ended up taking her to the river a lot this week just to cool her off before going upstairs to our sweat box apartment.

And she is such a great retriever. . .I just can't believe how well trained she is for only a year old. Joel really is amazing with her. . .as he is with all animals. Its all about patience.

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