Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kauni Cardigan

Well now that I am 50% done with the chemise. . .time to start thinking about another project for the 30 minute ride to Rutland in the morning. . . that is valuable knitting time. While pondering my many bins of yarn and . . .excessive amounts of planned projects I decided I would start the Kauni Cardigan. . .this yarn has really been a great discovery for fair isle projects when you don't have the time to pay as much attention to detail. . .I mean don't get me wrong. . I love the challenge and have several projects in my stash . . . .but you really have to have the time to dedicate to these kinds of projects. The yarn is specifically dyed and skeined to allow you to create a beautiful fair isle project with two strands of yarn. . .the colors change at different times giving you the look of fair isle. for the free pattern. . the yarn I got at

Barley and Joel are camping this weekend. . . . so I will have a lot of knitting time in the evening. . . .Barley's first camping trip. She is very excited. . .she went all around our apartment carrying Joel's camping pillow like her own little sleeping bag. She is like a little kid sometimes!

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