Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last weekend. . .

Finally back again. . .it has been so hot in our apartment that I just could not go upstairs and download any photos or even begin to think of adding to this blog. I have been living in my bedroom with the A/C for just about every night this week! Oh I hate hot weather! But anyway, last weekend was my cousin Amber's baby shower. . .I just can't believe she is having a baby. . .she just can't be that old. . .I just can not believe it! She is my sisters age. . .I am getting so old!

I knitted her a blanket out of Debbie Bliss super chunky cashmerino because I didn't know what she was having until two weeks before. . .went fast but that yarn has got quite the price tag on it. . .she is worth it though. . and I know she will appreciate it and cherish it forever! I put together a cute basket with all seventh generation products to help her get ready for the baby. . .a happy baby is a green baby!

That was a busy day, went to a card class with my friend Jess. Haven't seen her in forever and the card class was great! Trena is so talented and her projects always leave me inspired. Of course I just had to have the stamp set when I left. . .love the fruit. . .it is just so cute!

this is the card box and there are 10 cards in the box 2 of 5 different designs. I love them all!

I just love the envelopes! Aren't they great!

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kristina said...

awesome cards! Isn't it so much fun making cards? I rarely do it.

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